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Welcome to BSCC BV

In February 2014 Bob Scheiberlich started his consultancy business called Bob Scheiberlich Consultancy B.V. (BSCC BV). Focusing on a variety of activities in relation to Dredging, Mining, Earthmoving, Infra and Maritime projects like:

  • International business development;
  • Commercial advice and expertise;
  • Operational assessment and practical advice;
  • Tender advice and assistance.

Based upon more than 20 years of experience in remote project operations, sales, business development and management he can offer clients a fresh look on things, a hands on approach and a dedicated business mind.

Please feel free to contact BSCC BV:

’t Hout 34
4361 CB Westkapelle
The Netherlands

Mob.   +31 (0) 6 31774234
Tel.     +31 (0)118 570 380